External Certification Assessment Support

What Is An External Certification Assessment?

An external certification assessment is an evaluation conducted by an independent, accredited certification body to determine if an organisation’s management system meets the requirements of a specific ISO standard. This assessment is crucial for organisations seeking official ISO certification. It involves a detailed review of the organisation’s processes, documentation, and practices by auditors who are experts in the relevant ISO standards.

Why companies seek alternative certification?

Organisations pursue external ISO certification for various reasons. It provides recognition that they adhere to international standards, demonstrating a commitment to quality, efficiency, and continuous improvement. This certification is often a prerequisite for entering certain markets or for participating in tenders. It also enhances the organisation’s credibility and reputation, building trust with customers, stakeholders, and partners.

The Importance of UKAS accredited certification bodies

: At ISO Consultants U.K, we emphasise the importance of UKAS accredited certification bodies for achieving ISO certification. UKAS accreditation ensures that the certification process is rigorous, credible, and meets internationally recognised standards. This accreditation provides assurance that the certification is conducted impartially, competently, and consistently, thereby enhancing the value and integrity of the certification.

Businesses that opt for UKAS accredited certification demonstrate a commitment to excellence, gaining recognition and trust from customers, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies. It’s a key step towards ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency in your operations, aligning with best practices and industry standards.

How ISO Consultants U.K. Assists with External Assessments

ISO Consultants U.K. provides comprehensive support throughout the external certification assessment process:


  1. Pre-Assessment Preparation: We work with you to ensure your organisation is fully prepared for the external audit. This includes reviewing your management systems, processes, and documentation to ensure they align with the required ISO standards.
  2. Mock Audits: We conduct mock audits to simulate the external assessment, helping to identify any areas of non-compliance and providing a realistic experience of the audit process.
  3. Corrective Actions Guidance: If any non-conformities are identified, we assist in developing and implementing effective corrective actions to address these gaps.
  4. Liaison with Certification Bodies: Our team helps in selecting the right UKAS accredited certification body and acts as a liaison between your organisation and the auditors, ensuring smooth communication and understanding of the requirements.
  5. Post-Assessment Support: After the external assessment, we provide ongoing support to ensure that your organisation continues to meet the ISO standards and to assist with any subsequent surveillance audits.

By partnering with ISO Consultants U.K, you gain the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the external certification assessment confidently and successfully, ensuring your organisation achieves and maintains its desired ISO certification.

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At ISO Consultants U.K., our team of experts have over 30 years combined of experience assisting all types of organisations achieve ISO certification. Our journey of excellence has been marked by a deep commitment to quality, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to helping businesses achieve and maintain the highest standards in their industry.

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Our history is decorated with countless successful ISO implementations, certifications, and sustained compliance achievements for our clients. This success rate is a testament to our rigorous, client-focused approach.

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Our team comprises of dedicated, friendly professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in ISO standards, ensuring that our consultancy services are not just theoretical but grounded in real-world applications.

 Long Term Client Relationships

The longevity of our client relationships speaks to the trust and value we deliver. Our commitment to their continual improvement has made us a preferred partner for many businesses.

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